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Dueling Grounds Detour

on Tue, 05/30/2017 - 18:41

In 1804, after a brewing history of animosity between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, they we met one final time on the banks of the Hudson in Weehawken for a fatal duel which ended the life of Hamilton and sent Burr's repuation toward a final downward spiral. The actual place of the duel took place on a lower ledge near the river, below a current monument to the duel. There is a placque of the event and bust of Hamilton marking the spot with a great view of the NY skyline. It is accessed by climbing a set of many stairs in the Port Imperial area the walking a few short blocks to the monument.

The route of the Hudson Loop goes below the spot but this optional detour has become ever more popular with the advent of the play Hamilton. It will add another half-hour to the walk but most who walk this detour is worth it.

See this doc with map for more information on the detour.